Lawn mower with cut without patented Grin collection

Grin, The cut without collection designed for Italian lawns

In 2005 Grin was released on the market with the patented cutting system "Cut, don't collect, don't go to landfill". Lawn mower with no harvesting able to pulverize the grass. The Italian market had failed years before the traditional mulching that involved frequent cutting with low grass, instead, 12 years later, we can say that Grin's success was amazing.
This is because the Grin machines are designed for the Italian climate where the strong growth of the grass and an average cutting frequency of 2 weeks have enhanced the characteristics of the Grin patent:
• A wide, high and smooth shell designed for tall grass
• A blade with patented shape and materials to create a strong vertex
• A special patented disc that allows mowing to be suspended
In these 12 years the company has worked to make the range of lawn mowers that adopt this system ever more complete. From 2017, 12 models are available; 3 blade sizes; various petrol, electric and battery powered engines; automatic or push forward, professional line and hobby line.
All while maintaining the initial project made in Italy with the philosophy of creating machines that are easy to use and very solid.

How the Grin patent works

The patented cutting system "Cut, do not collect, do not go to landfill" designed by Grin allows you to pulverize the grass during mowing, thus avoiding having to collect it in a basket, store it and dispose of it in landfills.
The cut grass remains suspended for some fractions of a second inside the patented Grin cap, where it is then centrifuged and pulverized by a vortex generated by the movement of the patented Grin blade and by the effect of a helical disc placed near the blade.
In this way the grass loses most of its volume and is reduced to very small and practically invisible particles, which fall directly on the ground (they do not remain on the surface of the turf!) And are absorbed in a very short time.
With Grin the grass is optimally processed inside the shell, reducing everything into very fine particles that become an excellent lawn fertilizer! The aesthetic effect after cutting, under normal conditions, is identical to that of a machine with collection. The shell is so wide and smooth that during the cutting there are no filling and clogging problems, typical instead of the basket machines.

Lawn-mower cutting without the patented Grin collection: The choice of the model and the test on the lawn

Grin has turned to marketing to the best dealers on the market, who immediately appreciated the technical characteristics of these lawn mowers.
The challenge of the Grin brand was also to find a distribution network that would be available for test drives on the lawn. In fact there is no better way to appreciate the Grin cut than taking a car and trying to cut the grass. This choice, unusual for this category of products, proved to be a winning choice. Often the user does not realize, without seeing it with his own eyes, the uniqueness of the cut "Cut, do not collect, do not go to landfill".
On the Italian territory more than 200 dealers, with various modalities, are available to the free trial before the purchase: a really innovative and interesting modality for the sector.